Welcome! You've found you're way to a site dedicated to 2 things...the best hockey fans in the world and the memory of what might be the greatest single game comeback in NHL playoff history.

The site is a work in progress. Want to have some input into how we evolve? Become a forum member and post your suggestions in the Suggestion Box. All suggestions will be considered.

Below is a list of things I'd like to do. There is no timeline currently as this site is being built and maintained by me and me alone.

1) Build a strong member base in the forums area. The more members we get posting the better the site will be.

2) Implememnt some fun things to help draw attention to the site. I'm going to try to contact the Blues and see if I can get a regular interview with different players. Possibly have a player spotlight every month, a short Q and A with a player every month as well as have them answer a list of standard 20 questions.

3) Come up with some giveaways. Maybe tickets to a game, with the winner being picked from entries earned by posting in the forums.

Having issues with anything on the site? Please feel free to drop me a line.